Episode 30

June 22, 2010 spikepratt 0

Xander and Spike rated R. Visit the Livejournal community of Nekid_Spike for more stories and art!


Episode 29

April 8, 2010 spikepratt 0

Guilty as Sin is by Ash_Carpenter. Go visit the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike for more! This fic is rated NC-17.


Episode 28

February 13, 2010 spikepratt 0

A New Beginning, by Yumimum. Rated NC-17. Other fic can be found at http://yumimum.livejournal.com/8400.html


Episode 27

January 24, 2010 spikepratt 0

Visit the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike to read more stories and see all the art. This story is a drabble by Cobalt_Mystic and rated a light R. To read more visit: http://cobalt-mystic.livejournal.com/33419.html


Episode 26

January 10, 2010 spikepratt 0

His Own Man by Darklingdawns rated NC-17. This story and many others can be found at http://darklingdawns.livejournal.com/2009/09/10