Episode 30

June 22, 2010 spikepratt 0

Xander and Spike rated R. Visit the Livejournal community of Nekid_Spike for more stories and art!


Episode 29

April 8, 2010 spikepratt 0

Guilty as Sin is by Ash_Carpenter. Go visit the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike for more! This fic is rated NC-17.


Episode 28

February 13, 2010 spikepratt 0

A New Beginning, by Yumimum. Rated NC-17. Other fic can be found at http://yumimum.livejournal.com/8400.html


Episode 27

January 24, 2010 spikepratt 0

Visit the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike to read more stories and see all the art. This story is a drabble by Cobalt_Mystic and rated a light R. To read more visit: http://cobalt-mystic.livejournal.com/33419.html


Episode 26

January 10, 2010 spikepratt 0

His Own Man by Darklingdawns rated NC-17. This story and many others can be found at http://darklingdawns.livejournal.com/2009/09/10


Episode 25

December 28, 2009 spikepratt 0

In this episode there are clips from many episodes played through the year. Thank you to all the authors and artists that have allowed me to play or display their art on this podcast. Go […]


Episode 24

November 17, 2009 spikepratt 0

All fanfic read here is with permission from the livejournal community of Nekidspike. Visit the LJ community of Nekidspike for monthly fic and art. This story and many others can be found at http://all-choseny.livejournal.com/68414.html


Episode 23

November 2, 2009 spikepratt 0

One Halloween Prank, rated PG-13. Join the Livejournal community of nekidspike. Check out the stories and the fan art! If you want to submit a story, please do so at [email protected]  


Episode 22

September 21, 2009 spikepratt 0

Log on and listen to the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike. Enjoy a bumper by James Marsters and a short story about Spike being a pet. Rated R.


Episode 21

August 7, 2009 spikepratt 0

This is a PG-13 fic by Sockmonkeyhere! Visit the LiveJournal community of Nekidspike at: http://community.livejournal.com/nekid_spike/2690188.html?view=38982540 to leave feedback for the author!

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