Episode 23

November 2, 2009 spikepratt 0

One Halloween Prank, rated PG-13. Join the Livejournal community of nekidspike. Check out the stories and the fan art! If you want to submit a story, please do so at [email protected]  


Episode 22

September 21, 2009 spikepratt 0

Log on and listen to the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike. Enjoy a bumper by James Marsters and a short story about Spike being a pet. Rated R.


Episode 21

August 7, 2009 spikepratt 0

This is a PG-13 fic by Sockmonkeyhere! Visit the LiveJournal community of Nekidspike at: http://community.livejournal.com/nekid_spike/2690188.html?view=38982540 to leave feedback for the author!


Episode 20

July 23, 2009 spikepratt 0

This is a NC-17 fic by the wonderful Snowpuppies. Visit the Live Journal community of Nekidspike for more Spike fics. Also visit http://snowpuppies.livejournal.com/169868.html for more fics by Snowpuppies!! Remember to leave comments!!


Episode 19

July 2, 2009 spikepratt 0

Spike’s Pet is by Suziqb and rated NC-17. This story and many others can be found on the LiveJournal Community of Nekidspike– http://community.livejournal.com/nekid_spike  


Episode 18

June 12, 2009 spikepratt 0

The Gap by snowpuppies is rated R and read in an audio drama format. Visit http://snowpuppies.livejournal.com/235247.html?view=4589551#t4589551 for more works by snowpuppies!


Episode 16

April 26, 2009 spikepratt 0

This fanfic can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/nekid_spike/ The story I bring you today, “I Feel Pretty”, is by the talented Lilithangel and is rated PG13.


Episode 15

April 11, 2009 spikepratt 0

This fanfic is by Slaymesoftly and read by Andy. Promo for Scott Sigler’s book Contagious is at the end of the episode.

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